About me

In the past ten years I have traveled the world, mainly to Latin America, Asia and Africa. Photography was the main reason why I started to travel. India, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Colombia and Tanzania are the countries where I took most of my photos. The people living in those countries were the friendliest and most amazing to photograph. It’s always a challenge to capture people in their own surroundings showing their traditions and beliefs.

The portfolio visible on this website is a small collection of my photos. Throughout the years I specialized in portraits. I developed this website because I would love to show my photos, let people explore them and to find the beauty in those cultures that I love the most.

I sell photo’s per item, make photo collages or you can hire me for a portrait shoot. For questions or more information concerning stock photos, photo collages or portrait shoots please contact me by e-mail. If you are interested in seeing more photos or buying either high- or low-resolution photos, I have more ten 10.000 photos in stock, and I am sure I have that one special photo you are looking for!