Photo Collages

Photo Collage

The photos in the collage are completely personalized. The photos are arranged per country in my archive and combining is possible. You can decide yourself how many photos you would like in the collage and which color the background gets. You are also able to choose from different layouts (horizontal, vertical or square photos). The price does not include printing the photos and the frame (if desired). Depending on the material and the size you want, these costs will be added.

Above you see a collage of 16 photos from Thailand, printed on 10 cm plexiglass in the size 100 cm x 100 cm.

You can also choose for 1 enlarged photo.

  • 1 enlarged photo                40,00  Euros
  • Photo collage 9 photo       70,00 Euros
  • Photo collage 16 photo     90,00  Euros
  • Photo collage 25 photo   110,00  Euros


De foto’s in de collage worden in overleg samengesteld. De foto’s zijn per land gerangschikt in mijn archief en combineren is mogelijk. U kunt zelf bepalen hoeveel foto’s u in de collage wilt hebben en welke kleur de achtergrond krijgt. Ook kunt u een keuze maken uit verschillende opmaken (horizontale, verticale of vierkante foto’s). De prijs is exclusief het afdrukken van de foto’s en de lijst. Afhankelijk van het materiaal en de grootte die u wenst, komen deze kosten er nog bij.

Hierboven ziet u een collage van 16 foto’s over Thailand, gedrukt op 10 cm plexiglas in de maat 100 cm x 100 cm.

Ook kunt u kiezen voor 1 uitvergrootte foto.

  • 1 uitvergrootte foto        40,00 Euro
  • Fotocollage 9 foto’s       70,00 Euro
  • Fotocollage 16 foto’s      90,00 Euro
  • Fotocollage 25 foto’s   110,00 Euro

2 thoughts on “Photo Collages

    1. Thank you! These are examples of collages on walls of some people that have bought my photos as a memory of their travels. They weren’t that pleased with the snap shots they took and the quality unfortunately wasn’t good enough to enlarge the pictures and hang them up at their walls. Therefore they chose a picture from my collection instead, one that still reminded them of their experiences while travelling in a certain country. Or just because they really like the photo.

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